Can cables and wires be laid within a ladder-type bridge?

Cables and wires can be laid in the same tray type bridge which has become the consensus for construction workers. And today, cable tray manufacture China will expose the truth about whether cable and wires can be laid in the same ladder-type bridge.


First of all, we should figure out what will happen when we lay the wires or cables within a ladder-type bridge which has a great space between rungs. If horizontally lay 2.5mm² wire, the wire will sag from the gap rungs; if 185mm², as the stiffness of the cable itself, the cable will not sag from void rungs. In here, what we want to remind you is that the specifications and requirements are of vital importance to buy best cable tray China. As a matter of fact, the guideline and installation ways are also significant for you. Under such situations, like the ladder-type bridge mounted vertically, the cable and wires can be laid in any section. But you should use plastic cable to tie the cable or wire on the bridge of rungs in order to overcome the weight of cables or wires.


The best ways in laying cables are to use tray type cable tray in horizontal portion and to use ladder-type bridge with a vertical section. Bridge along the wall vertically should use ladder-type bridge which is appropriate to facilitate lashing cables or wires. For perforated galvanized cable tray wholesale, the fact is not how to make profits but to make consumers install the products safe and to get sound feedback from consumers.