Divorce attorney in Rockford IL

Divorce attorney in Rockford IL


In the central Illinois, the month of October is regarded as the Domestic Violence Awareness month. Throughout this month, the residents of Illinois demonstrate saying no more to domestic violence, dating violence, elder abuse, child abuse, and sexual assault. They demonstrate through a variety of events and activities to mark this important month of the year. People are encouraged to join the community in order to help in curbing all these problems with an aim of making the society safe and secure.


The events carried out throughout the month are vital. This is done to eliminate violence and abuse in relationships, homes, and the community as a whole. People have to be reminded that such sorts of domestic violence are not good at all and should be eliminated at all costs. There is usually a calendar of events and activities that happen throughout the month. For instance, on 25th of the month people are supposed to wear purple all day long wherever they are. They are supposed to stand with the victims and survivors of domestic violence. People are expected to wear purple T-shirts with the writings, "Let's Talk." Other events include taking meals together, listening to voices of strength, and the Eco-Family Fest.


Domestic Violence Awareness: How it Started


The Domestic Awareness was started from the very first Day of Unity that was observed in October 1981 by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. The Intention was to eradicate violence against women and children The Day of Unity had a lot of activities that were conducted at local, state and national levels. Although the activities seemed to be varied and diverse, there were also some common themes such as mourning for those who had died because of domestic violence and at the same time celebrating people who had survived. The day was also aimed at connecting those who work to terminate violence.


In order to increase the awareness about abuse among relationships and its consequences, a lot of organizations take part in sponsoring the events and activities throughout the month of October. Some of the organizations that take part in sponsoring these events include the Counseling Center, the office for Student of Inclusion and Intercultural Relations, Office of the Dean of Students, University Housing, the University of Illinois Police Department, among others.


Domestic violence may include any kind of psychological, verbal, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. It can occur in either heterosexual or same sex relationships. Research shows that over 1/4 of students at the University of Illinois have been physically abused by individuals who they were involved in relationship with while they were still students.


Attorneys in Rockford Il Fight Against Domestic Violence


In Rockford, Illinois, among the people who fight against this social injustice are attorneys. A Rockford divorce attorney will be in the first line to fight against domestic violence. Remember that this type of violence is a more serious one and should never be taken lightly. Research has shown that approximately 100,000 acts of domestic violence are reported yearly.


When the victims decide to seek help, the first person they typically turn to is an attorney. Basically, family law attorneys work on the behalf of the victims of domestic violence. The cases may extent up to the law courts. Note that the fight against domestic injustice is not a fight that is conducted by attorneys in Rockford Il alone. There are many organizations that are working to find effective solution to this problem.