The market for functional fabrics

The current trend in the textile industry is that China fiber supplier pays more attention to develop new fabrics with advanced manufacturing capacity, which shows us a promising future for the development of textile companies and products.


At present, some garment enterprises are on the way to introducing sophisticated equipment, research new products. According to the market characteristics, the development of ultra-thin fabrics, cool saving fabric, windproof fabric and other functional fiber products, which has high technological content, keeping up with international fashion trends. Our company is well known for the pursuit of quality and innovation, which offers a range of stylish, functional and environmentally friendly fabrics and yarn products, showing the high-end products covered as accessories, cotton, denim, embroidery, jacquard, knitwear, lace, polyester fibers, elastic fibers, wool blends, as well as woven fabrics.


The development in the textile products presents three trends, which are functionality, epidemic and environmental protection. Just high quality cool jade fiber, quality assurance is given the top priority by consumers. Like what we have showed before that the textile industry is a difficult one to achieve higher development for the barriers which have been brought by the international market.