Refrigeration water chiller for 4*2.2KW spindles of engraving machine

Last week,I paid a visit to a customer who is specialized in producing engraving machine. At present, he is using S&A thermolysis type chiller CW-3000 to cool 2.2KW spindle of engraving machine with 24000r/min. The chiller is working well.

Besides, the customer said he found his competitor is using refrigeration water chiller CW-6000 to cool 4 units of engraver. Therefore, he intended to have a try.
As a result, I recommend refrigeration water chiller CW-5200, which has 1400W cooling capacity and able to reach the cooling demand of 2*2.2KW engraving machine.

CW-6000 technical parameter details:


refrigeration water chiller




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