Transport Hub as potential industry applications of space wide LED screen

 In people's minds, LED display(led traffic sign) utilised within the transport sector typically as airports, railway stations and also other areas for the massive screen tickets, trips / shift information display. Recently, having said that, using the LED show application industry segments in-depth, which there have already been some new alterations in application site visitors field stations.


 Recently, the Shanghai subway in significant traffic interchange station Hongkou Football Stadium Station, Lu Jia Bang Road Station started a pilot employing LED show and projection technologies using a new guide released peak operating adjustment facility passenger guidance information and facts. The station LED display not just fast and timely show because the morning and evening peak periods quit limiting details, it is possible to normally add as train delays, escalators shut down and also other details.


 LED information and facts screen(agape) can not only show the orientation of the transfer channel to Chinese and English, and you can see extremely clearly in 10-20 meters away. At the moment the station has been made use of in some LED screen as an alternative to the traditional guide plate. Also, the display screen also contains a two-way passengers up and down the stairs can accurately obtain the platform position.


 In current years, China's wonderful efforts to strengthen transport infrastructure, specifically in the north of Guangzhou and other significant and medium cities, rail transit building with each passing day. In the conventional site visitors station, passengers wizard fundamentally nonetheless stuck within a static-oriented brand, which for passenger visitors huge transfer station, the morning and evening peak hours, and specific / emergency incidents boot time is really inconvenient.


 The LED display (EN12966) as the current fast development of new display technology, with higher brightness, lengthy life, very good colour, low energy consumption, for dynamic details show then has its unique benefits.


 First, LED display brightness is larger, which for the site region, viewing distance, the bigger the station when it comes to the flow of persons is important. When the brightness is low, it could not assure long-distance viewing clarity. For applications requiring higher brightness high ambient illumination of indoor station and outside station are challenging targets.


 Secondly, for large-size card-oriented a part of the massive transport station, it is the current mainstream technology, the LCD although a lot more price around the little size, but large-size single-screen goods do not have the price advantage; and If a mixture from the way the stitching and patchwork dilemma exists. The LED show Thanks to its modular style, transportation, assembly quick, and you will discover no seams, the image far better consistency.


 Furthermore, LED display applications inside a complex environment is also an advantage. In turn, such as the subway, columns, uneven walls and also other installation, other show devices will come to be pretty hard, when the LED screen could be effortlessly curved, shaped display.


 With LED show rates down, at the same time as product improvement segments and diversified in current years, LED display (variable message sign) applications have also been broadened. Express by the rapid improvement from the domestic transportation industry, diversification of LED show applications also show appealing prospects for development.