Luxury garments for new generation

Overall, in the past year, the average daily in Baidu will produce 1.78 million related to the search for the luxury industry in various garments area, for example, China jackets supplier. In all of search, luxury is in the crowd, according to age distribution, "90" seems to have become the largest crowd.


Whether 180-degree turn to replace the young spokesperson or active layout digital marketing and sales, a number of luxury brands have started to focus on the younger generation included in the vision, to compete in 90 after the war, who the first step, will undoubtedly have to seize the initiative. The advantage is worth noting that consumer attitudes are significantly different from the 90 after the older generation of luxury consumers. 90 are accompanied by the growth of the Internet generation, especially in the area to buy fashionable and cheap windbreakers in spring or autumn. They especially like social media sharing shopping experiences, also get shopping information in social media, their individual needs is high, they have a strong brand morality will be based on the brand's social performance deciding whether to buy its products, although not experienced poor economic times, but they also pay attention to electronic coupons or other means of discounts, etc.


To understand the younger generation of consumers, right, was 90, which was the world day for garment industry and China softshell jackets wholesale online.