VERDEBS-Building Solutions Inc.

VERDEBS-Building Solutions Inc.



-The Property Preservation Specialist-


I am Mara Legaspi, a graduate of MASS COMMUNICATION in the United States. I currently work as a freelance writer in a local news publication in Cincinnati. Maybe you would think why I created a  SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE so as to promote a particular company and its owner even if I am actually not familiar with him. To be honest with you, we are not even friends yet knowing that we haven’t met each other ever since.

As for me, I have my own valid reasons why I had the interest to give my utmost attention to the Verde Company-to the extent of providing   its own page to let it be recognized by the public.

And the story runs this way, one fine morning, I have attended a religious group get together in North Carolina as my friend Ellen who was then an active member of the group invited me to be a part of the said celebration. Since I had nothing to do on that particular day, I decided to accept her invitation. As the celebration went on, I have come to learn about everything that goes along with the Christian Fellowship Ministry(the name given to the group) and its founder whose name is Mr.Ron Staley Jr.

I felt so amazed and truly inspired with what I have learned about Bro. Ron. Could you believe that Mr.Ron Staley Jr.,the founder and is currently the one who serves as the CFM leader is also the owner of the Verde Building Solutions Company-a local business institution that provides property preservation and management services in North Carolina including the five other neighboring states such as: SOUTH CAROLINA,OHIO,KENTUCKY and TENNESSEE!

The one thing that is really good to note about the VERDE COMPANY is that, it has been successfully founded through the eagerness of  Bro.Staley to provide a means of lifetime sources of living for the under privileged people specially those who came from the marginalized sectors of the society. The fact that he firmly believes that if only everyone will be given a chance to have his own source of income, this would actually help augment the level of productivity in a particular community and eventually, it would eradicate poverty in the society.

Apparently, the most important detail that you should know is the thought that 10% from the VERDE COMPANY’s earnings goes to the STALEY HABITAT FOR HUMANITY-a foundation owned, managed, and self-funded by Bro. Ron that provides food and shelter for the less fortunate people specially the homeless.

Today, the VERDE COMPANY-being one of the finest property preservation and management specialist in the United States, this company keeps on searching for greater innovations to serve its clients better and in order to improve the quality of the services it caters for them.