How much you realize about Horizontal Baler

Machine Applications


 Made to compress waste paper, waste cardboard, carton plant scrap, plastic film, straw and other loose material packaging(tape dispenser)


 Machine features


 ?? photoelectric switch automatically detects whether or not the material filled, totally automatic function


 ?? affordable Horizontal Baler double scissor blade design, enhanced efficiency from the Paper, extending blade life


 ?? Horizontal Baler exceptional anti-slip design, to avoid trapezoidal package to create the mass far more attractive


 ?? The main oil cylinder trunnion bracket and ball end surface designed to get rid of torque acting around the spindle, considerably extend seal life


 ?? Horizontal Baler exceptional bundle assembly line gear, thereby decreasing the failure price and ease of cleaning and upkeep and repair


 ?? Horizontal Baler makes use of differential technologies, the package quicker, thereby enhancing efficiency and save power


 ?? four directions in the outlet with the floating necking machine to automatically assign all sides of stress, might be applied in a selection of compression distinct substances


 ?? Horizontal Baler packet length may be set free of charge, correct recording package value, simple operator use


 ?? automatic fault diagnosis, automatic display, enhance the detection efficiency


 ?? International standard circuit arrangement, the icon of the operating instructions and detailed components marking, is very simple to know and boost operator upkeep efficiency


 ?? pressure car through gantry milling machine, to make sure the accuracy of movement


 ?? Horizontal Baler hydraulic program utilizes the original imported from Taiwan, producing the machine much more secure and durable


 ?? No special venue infrastructure, creating installation very simple and easy