Know The Reasons to Consider When Car Hire At Cape Town Airport

Know The Reasons to Consider When Car Hire At Cape Town Airport

Cape Town is considered a safe city, but like elsewhere in the world, there are areas that are best avoided after dark. You can check with your travel agent OR HOTEL for advice on which areas to avoid. Locking your car and keeping valuables out of site will keep you safe on your travels and sticking to the speed limit will keep you on the right side of the law as law enforcement has a no-nonsense policy against traffic offenses. Cape Town is a beautiful city with lots to see and do and a visit to this part of South Africa should not be missed.


Cape Town airport car hire provides convenient and affordable holiday car hire - Cape Town car hire offers with unlimited free mileage and a choice of Standard or Supercover Insurance.  Cape Town airport car hire depot is a main depot where you we can offer you a free road maps and /or a GPS at a nominal rental.  From one of our Cape Town car hire depots in and around Cape Town we can deliver your car hire directly to your hotel.  The delivery charge will vary according to distance and time of day.


Getting to Cape Point however is no easy feat if one does not have a hire car, there is little or no public transport going there so you are therefore reliant on tour buses, schedule of a tour operator. A Car Hire At Cape Town Airport organized in advance gives you the freedom to explore this piece of natural heritage at your own pace discovering the many quiet coves.


The Cape Point National Park is the strongest argument for making use of car hire form Cape Town airport, the unofficial "Tip of Africa" is without doubt one of the biggest draw cards for Cape Town, although it is not geographically the South most point of the continent and therefore not where the two oceans meet it is a striking landscape feature and to be honest somewhat more impressive than the real tip at Cape Aghulhas.


These are just two reason that, should you visit the Mother City, a hire car from the airport is highly recommended. It provides you with the freedom to explore this magical city at your own pace and opens doors to attractions that would be inaccessible otherwise. Choose car hire at Cape Town airport and ensure that experience the Mother City to the full. Get more information @