Link Exchanges: The things they can perform for the business: (Part 1)

For anyone of you who don't know the definition: Link Exchanges are 2 links back and forth between 2 individual companies that have connected to one another. What's the point? To create 'link reputation' with-in Search-engines!

What's the reason?

To build 'link recognition' with-in Search-engines!

So How Exactly Does That Work?

Well when some one types in your business within search engines, you will get 2 types of benefits. To read more, please take a view at: our site chat. This pictorial my site website has some poetic aids for where to ponder this belief.

1) Your improved site & related topics outlined by you in to the search engines.

2) All of the links back from other sites listed within the major search engines.

Number Two is the critical one for this subject: In case your site isn't 'optimized' for great search engine results, a well known link can do just the same.

'Optimized' - Look for posts on 'Optimizing your website for search engines'