3 mobile app ideas for the city

3 mobile app ideas for the city

There is a stereotype that mobile applications are either for business or for fun. But the sale and games - is not the only goal of mobile applications. Now it is becoming popular non-commercial applications, created to meet the needs of the user, to improve his life. Today we can say that mobile technology can solve many problems residents of certain cities and regions.

If you are not indifferent to the fate of the city and you want to create an application that can improve it, then in this article you'll find ideas for creating super-heroic applications that can change lives for the better.

1. City Life

Interaction with the audience of mobile devices - is an opportunity to connect brands with consumers in real time. In our case - to link citizens with public life, with the government to grant the right to vote and ensure that their dialogue with representatives of the City Council.

Our team decided to create a unique for Ukraine, an application that will help residents of the city to take an active part in his life and will attract Kharkiv to implement their ideas for the development of the city - and we did it! We have developed a mobile application "Active Kharkov" - an easy and affordable way to take an active part in the life of the city and to communicate with the government.

Thanks to the project, citizens can submit their suggestions for improvement of the city in various spheres of life. This innovative form of communication with the residents of his government. Agree, cool to be able at any time to get quick access to news and the main sections on the official website of the city council.

Read more about the app development here.
2. City services

Developers are more and more concerned about the comfort of their users and generate ideas of applications that make life possible in the metropolis: services for car owners and pedestrians with information about the city transport, applications with interactive maps of city infrastructure, reference contact information on the city map of parking lots, schools , state institutions.

There Artjoker also in - we have developed a mobile application that will be appreciated by all drivers. Appendix "AyMoyka" allows you to call a remote Car team at a specified time and place, and makes it possible to carry out washing his car by a remote team that arrives at a certain time and place. Each user has access to your personal cabinet in which to store information about the car model, and the ability to add multiple cars. AyMoyka greatly simplifies the life of the driver - eliminates the need to specifically go to the car wash, it is now able to make the experts arrived independently.

3. Security of citizens

Everyone aspires to the level of western development, so I will give some examples of cases of foreign children.
In New York, operates the official app of the Police Department "Police Department. City of New York ". The task of the police - to improve the quality of life in New York, the preservation of peace, as well as providing a safe environment. The application provides statistical information on crimes, news and videos, as well as a list of wanted criminals.