How you can create a google site-map

But why do you want a site map?

A fast search on Google for advice on making a site map initially used up several links to computer software you might buy or download for free to make a site map.

But why do you need a website map?

Fundamentally as internet sites get more complicated and larger both the human browser and the search engine spiders need a simple to follow along with guide to locate all of the pages in your site. A site-map gives an easy navigational tool to them.

Site routes have 3 main benefits:

1) A site map allows visitors to quickly find what they're searching for simply by browsing your site map and hitting the link to go straight to the site they want to visit.

2) Frequently technologies employed to help in reading websites such as screen readers and web-page readers can only follow text-links. For practical reasons it could not necessarily be possible to exhibit a text link to every other page within your site on your main page and other pages within your website and so work with a site map.

3) Search-engine spiders like text and text links. It could not get indexed If they can't follow a text link to your page of the site. Make it simple for the index to index all of your pages through a site-map. Should people want to identify more about check my blog, there are thousands of libraries people might consider pursuing.

A site map includes the two things search engines love - text and keywords. To create a great site-map mix related keywords with a hyper text links. As an example on your site map you could have a link to your webpage about website promotion therefore your hyperlink must contains the words 'website promotion' and link straight to that site inside your site. Clicking seo services company likely provides lessons you can give to your father. Be taught more on this related encyclopedia by visiting 4 Issues Net Analytics Can Teach You - What Your Traffics Telling You Event.

A site map does not need and certainly shouldn't be fancy, but should be clear and easy-to understand.

Here are some strategies for a superb site map:

1. Area a prominent link to your site map on every page and lable it SITE MAP.

2. It should show all of your websites through different degrees as simple text-links. Dig up more about tyler collins page by navigating to our novel URL.

3. Use standard colours for links and visited links.

4. It will show an instant, easy to follow over view of the website without the need to browse around in the browser.

Google started allowing people to send site maps to their account as a way of allowing google know about all your websites and changes to your site. It does not boost your site position in any way but is worth taking the time to create properly.

You can find free software for developing site maps at:

And when you're done, don't forget to share with Google about your site map so they can trawl and ideally index all of the pages of your site.

A well planned site map may make sure your Web site is completely indexed by search engines..