Never Have “The Talk” Again!
Built for STD victims by STD victim, understands how difficult “the talk” is. We understand how hard it is to move forward in life after learning you’re positives, and more importantly, the fear there won’t be someone out there who will accept you.
It is common to think, I’m one of those people, but just like them, you were most likely a victim. Matter of fact, most Positives were in a committed relationship with someone who, like yourself, didn’t know about their partner’s sexual health.
Unfortunately society has labeled Positive people as dirty or “did it to themselves” yet fail to understand they have done the same things like, fall in-love with someone without knowing about their sexual health, or fell in-love with someone who wasn’t truly ready for a committed relationship.
Our platform for those who are tired of the dating with a secret and want to just take ownership of their condition and move forward with hopes of meeting the right person.
Dating with Herpes, HPV, HIV or Hepatitis, we have members who are just like you. Members who share their story.

Men and women around the world whose lives have been impacted by contracting a sexually transmitted disease can meet others in the same situation through membership in MeetPositives. This unique online dating resource connects men and women with positive STD test results in 7 countries worldwide, including the USA, Mexico, Germany and the UK.