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Recently I visited with a friend who grew up in a home where her parents were hoarding and cluttering her whole childhood. She grew up in mess, constant chaos and anxiety she would become like her parents.
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My pal, let's call her Rhonda, felt responsible as an adult and still in many ways attempts to help her parents and their demise. Rhonda admitted that, in a lot of ways, her parents have been "un-helpable". No real matter what she's implemented for her parents, the dwelling has remained as is, cluttered and overwhelmed with items and for Rhonda, "non-liveable". Even city officials, neighbors and friends all have tried to get the house in shape and also to no avail. It can not mean Rhonda's parents are a "hopeless case", it only means her parents aren't ready to make changes.

As a retired Social Worker and largely always an optimist I 'd never say someone is a hopeless case... no one. I've seen too many wonders in human behavior changing and evolving.


Rhonda, though, also still believes she'll become like her parents, even though she's the plain reverse. Rhonda has some little heaps of stuff in corners, like the majority of people, and drawers, closets and armoires filled with haphazard, disorganized items, but her house is so clean and minimalistic it's nearly sterile. Rhonda is so full of anxiety of cluttering problem she doesn't have pictures, paintings, carpets or a single knick knack in her residence and getting a hoarding. Each room has got the bare essentials of lamps and some furniture and tables. She explained that her parents kept bringing in more and more and she would feel less and less. So for her less is more peaceful and comforting for her. But alas she still feels empty disorganized and disappointed.

Rhonda wanted help and so, as a Professional Organizer and Decor Specialist Company Owner, I sent over my very best organizers and designers.

The first step would be to assess the space and the material in the space. Second, would be to recognize whether the stuff owned in the home is not due. Third step is if there's an over abundance of things a purging process will happen. The fourth step would be to find a house for each item, paper, product and thing in the home. While the things used less often stay in regions that are further away the items Rhonda and her family use the most stay in simple to reach spots and closest. The fifth step will be to evaluate the space to determine whether there is enough drawers, cabinets, furniture and cupboards to hold everything that will continue in the home.

In the case of Rhonda her house had a lot of built-ins, room in the garage and closets that are pleasant, but there was still not enough room, drawers, furniture, cabinet space and or shelves for all of the items she really wished to have. So the sixth step was to find furniture, ideally, some armoires, credenzes, baskets and storage pieces which were especially functional, affordable because of budget challenges and wonderful to hold more items and belongings.

Rhonda, with four children, has an incoming paper mill, shooting out papers at her, on a regular basis. The coordinators developed an outgoing and incoming, filing system for papers. With some highly charged paper things there was an "important to look" tickler file that she now goes to daily.

The stuff that has stayed in the home and anything coming in has closet, cabinet, drawer and or furniture space where it's found a house and can constantly have dwelling.

Finally convincing Rhonda that she can ask tasteful decor, knick knacks and beautiful art into her home, without having a hoarding and cluttering fixation, was a little bit challenging. With some slow pieces coming in Rhonda is understanding that beautifying her home reduced her anxiety, while enabling her to enjoy a property space for the 1st time in her life. She never liked being in a house while she has lived in her home together with her husband and children for many, many years. For Rhonda dwelling equated despite her cleanliness and minimal affect, to a potential calamity, a bargain trap.