Alex Smith

Advanced Lipo Centre is the best place to go if you are looking for quality Vaser Liposuction treatment in the UK.Our services are all in the arena of Vaser Liposuction.This singular focus on one procedure has made it possible for us to gather more experience than most other clinics, who offer a variety of treatments.The shape of the body is important when it comes to confidence levels; we understand that perfectly well here at Advanced Lipo Centre.We therefore do everything within our capacity to help our clients achieve their goals.The combination of the vaser and tickle liposuction techniques was first deployed in the UK by Dr S Bassi.This legendary doctor is our surgeon here at Advanced Lipo CentreThe expertise of our doctor has grown over the years through training and research carried out all over America and the US.This is why we have been able to offer superior definition and shape to our clients.