Presa Canarios Dogs for sale

presa canarios breeders - Puganese country of origin is china and belongs to Toy bread. It weighs around 14 lbs and stands between 6-9 inches.

The Puganese is a double-coat breed. The outer-coat is extravagant, long, and straight flowing with profuse feathering. The under-coat is soft and plush in texture. They come in a wide variety of colors and markings, including parti-color. They are average shedders.

The Puganese is a small, heavily boned, toy breed of dog, Broad in the chest, heavy in front, with narrowing through the body to the back of the hips. The legs are short and bowed. The Puganese is a small, well-balanced breed. They display dignity, a naughty demeanor, and bravery befitting their Chinese origin.