How To Become An Online Celebrity

"Kodak sells film, however they don't advertise film they advertise memories. Don't panic! First: you are not the only guy out there who gets tongue-tied when he likes a girl. .

We get that you're shy/too nervous to speak to her/afraid she might rip your heart out and perform tango on it, but if you want her to like you, she needs to know which you exist. Study famous Internet celebs and find out how they became famous around the Internet. And more importantly what may be the talent that you possess that is unique and will instantly help you in being a celeb around the Internet. Or the fame is certainly going to become of the fleeting nature and won't ever exceed that first fifteen minutes.

So what's next inside your road to world fame? The actual process of doing something. If you genuinely wish to be a celebrity about the Internet, then remember that the fame will probably be either instantaneous like Chris Crocker who got four million thoughts about his Leave Britney Alone video in just two days. Look Presentable, Always.

First and foremost decide on what type of fame you're looking for. Find excuses being around her (not in a stalkerish way though). This will only increase the visitors to your page and increase your popularity.

Make Sure She Knows You Exist. . Find excuses to be round her (not in a stalkerish way though). This is how case studies come into play. Make Sure She Knows You Exist.

Make Sure She Knows You Exist. A girl won't give a second glance if she can't. How to Become Famous on the Internet.

Remember that in order to have any type of fame about the Internet you have to provide your audience some form of entertainment. . . . Look Presentable, Always.