Automatic balers Widespread Difficulties

Very first, automatic balers tape stuck, unable to carry out typical belt.(tape dispenser)


 1. In accordance together with the order of your associated fixed wheel nut removed;


 2. The shaft will likely be identified in connection with two specific head screws, due to the fact this can be a fixed orifice connecting shaft utilised, it is actually essential to screw up the rotation;


 3. Then you can get rid of the connecting shaft to verify the tape jammed cause, a foreign physique, then it can immediately cleared;


 4. Stick to the previous methods, and then re-assembled automatic balers, to retain a particular gap among the major nut and curved panels. Packaged with a minimum of greater than the thickness




 Second, the automatic strapping can not automatically carried out with all the function. Initial you have to check packaged with all the linked handle system is standard, regardless of whether the adjustment with long positions inside the zero scale, after which check by way of the whole process of compliance with standards, normally, you will find not blocked, causing the phenomenon.




 Third, following the completion from the job package, automatic balers can not be automatically reduce tape.


 1. Adjust packaged with tightness;


 2. Verify the automatic balers slip sheet and belt for oil, if loose, it needs to be cleared;


 three. You can use a comparatively thin strapping for packaging, in order that the roller gap narrowed far more.




 Fourth, packaged with the adhesive strength of compact, loose.


 1. The adhesive temperature needs to be moderate, also higher or too low can not assure that the adhesive effect;


 2. Automatic balers voltage provide shortage, will make the actual bonding temperature lower than the bonding temperature previously set, unable to meet the relevant standards, the usage of the cable is also lengthy, it is going to have an effect on the voltage;


 3. The automatic balers's sword bearing harm happens, the bonding temperature can not go up;


 The spring pendulum failure, can not achieve the preferred operating position, small region bonding;


 5. The electric height of steel can not be the right combination, resulting in heating position deviation;




 Fifth, it can not be typical continuous packaging.


 1.LS5 faulty;


 two. Verify whether or not there are contacts between the foreign body and shrapnel, shrapnel stuck in that case, will not automatically packaged together with the liberalization of the subsequent wrapper;


 three. The circuit connection point isn't closed, so long as the power is turned on it.




 Sixth, automatic balers packaged with only packaged proceeds shear zone.


 1. The machine re-adjust the tightness;


 two.LS3 and LS5 place confusion, the position deviation;


 3. The automatic balers back having a switch failure.