Common Mistakes Committed by Metal Scrappers

Scrap metal can make you rich -- the owner of the scrap yard nearest you is the living proof! That's why the brains behind the famous Scrap Dragon Software want to share these common mistakes made by household metal scrappers to you. Avoid these mistakes and you will surely maximize the money you get from the scraps you produce at home.


1.     Selling insulated copper wire


Do you know why scrap yard owners never complain when you bring in unstripped wire? That's because the insulation hides the fact that you are actually selling copper, which sells more, compared to aluminum and stainless steel. Get the most out of your scrap copper wire by spending a few minutes stripping them.


2.     Selling to a yard with bad customer service


You don't have to be treated like trash just because you are selling scrap. Don't go to a scrap yard with a known bad reputation, especially when it comes to how they handle customers. Even a high-tech yard that uses a Scrap Dragon Software can also have a crappy customer service too. Talk to fellow scrappers to know which yards are good to do business with.


3.     Being misled about the wire sizes


Common copper wire grades you might be selling to your local scrap yard are #1 bright, #1 tubing, #1 flashing, #2 tubing, #3 roofing and stranded. Sometimes, you might be misled into believing that you are selling a load of stranded wire when you actually have #1 bright -- just because you didn't strip it. The difference could be as much as a couple of dollars per pound!


4.     Not sorting scrap metals ahead


Scrap yard owners do not like it when scrappers bring in an assortment of mixed scrap metals. Do you know why? Because sorting takes time, and the more time you spend in their yards, the less time they will have to accommodate other scrappers. If you don't sort your scraps ahead, the yard owner might appraise your metals using a generic rate for mixed metals. This generic rate could be way cheaper than the rate for pure copper or pure aluminum. Some yards use the Scrap Dragon Software to help you sort your metals, but some yards don't have this software.