Myth of fiber optic connector

I think that it is familiar for most of boys when we say fiber optic connector as they will have more interest in this kind of electrical products than girls. Of course, I think most of fiber optic manufacturer in china maybe boys, too. Now today, we girls can have a look at the myth of fiber optic connector together.


Fiber optic connectors are detachably (active) connections between the optical fibers and optical devices, which are the two end faces of optical precision docking, so that the light energy emitted optical output can maximize the receiving fiber coupled to go, and effects due to its involvement optical link and to minimize impact on the system, which is the basic requirement of the fiber optic connector. To some extent, fiber optic connector provided by fiber optic cable supplier also affects the reliability and the performance of the optical transmission system.

First come in from the outside cable, fiber optic cable to the cable splice box, is what you said terminal box, cable welding technology is the door, you need to peel cable with pigtails and fiber optic cable in the fine welding, weld good on the box years, so we came out pigtails, fiber out of the head connected to the ODF (one rack, coupler connection) is the other side of the rack with pigtails (said to be fiber optic jumpers, pigtails actually is made with fiber jumpers) came out, connected to the photoelectric converters, optical transceivers a network cable to connect the router switches and LAN hosts.


We can say that even for girls, we have the ability to learn some knowledge boys like. Actually, we can figure out some magic things if we go to the fiber optic adaptor wholesale and find the special myth for us.