Hey everybody this is Ritesh. I am a normal guest of this site and the writers of this site roused me to compose my experience. About me I am 18 years of age normal tallness gentleman from a residential area, with great looks and ordinary Indian shading. Furthermore, my dick is a decent 8 inches in length and really additional thick. Going to the story the heroin of my story is my cousin Jaya. Jaya is my cousin. Age 22 she is dam lovely with a reasonable appearance and a ultra attractive figure of 32-26-32. The most appealing piece of her body is her boobs. Ooooo man they are dam white with pink areolas are paradise to touch. 

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Before long she understood and pushed me a side n began to go towards her room. I went behind her n I pushed her on the bed n bolted the entryway. 

Presently I went n made her rest n put my one hand in her top n began squeezing her boobs n other hand was rubbing her pussy over her skirt. 

She began birthing intensely n quit challenging. So I began to move her top n wow I saw the boobs interestingly. She was not wearing any bra. I began squeezing her areola n sucking her boobs n I didn't stop to stroke her pussy. It was functioning admirably. After at some point she had lost totally and I took of her top. She was half stripped in front in the event that me shutting her eyes. So I took my telephone n rapidly kept it in recording mode n kept it on the table with the goal that everything was recorded for future utilization. 

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At that point I demonstrated her my portable n said everything till now is recorded n I will put in web if u not comply with my words. 

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