How to Choose Bridesmaid Dress Colors for Your Summer Wedding

Summer is a popular season to hold wedding, Bright sunshine, flourished plants, relaxed and excited mood can make your wedding memorable. If you want to have a summer wedding, what is the dress color of your bridesmaids? Here are some tips about how to choose bridesmaid dress color for your summer wedding.

Many colors complement a summer wedding; the bright or pastel ones are mostly used. Fix your wedding theme or wedding color first and then match the bridesmaid dress color with it. For a wedding theme with fresh and casual feelings like a beach wedding or a garden wedding, green, aqua, tiffany blue, turquoise, coral and white are excellent options for the bridesmaid dress colors.

If you want your wedding to deliver romantic words, pink, lavender or champagne could be prominent great in your wedding. Choose pink bridesmaid dresses or lilac bridesmaid dresses or other pastel colors. These color schemes will be certain to evoke a romantic feeling.

A wedding full of enthusiasm and vitality is perfectly suitable for warm weather in summer. Color could make a great contribution to it. Orange, yellow, red, hot pink and fuchsia are all impressive colors that help to channel a strong emotion.

What's more, you should know how to choose best colors for bridesmaid dresses. You need to take bridesmaids' opinion into account. You don't want any of your bridesmaids unhappy just because she has to dress her dislikes. You must know their opinions though it's hard to satisfy all your bridesmaids of different skin tones and body sizes. Ask about the last color they will wear and try to avoid it. If their dislikes are exactly the colors you want to use, try different shades in the same color family or choose suitable bridesmaids' bouquet color for a better look. Whatever your decision is, your bridesmaids will feel good if you talk with them in advance.

Be right with the bridesmaid dress colors and you will have a more harmonious wedding picture and better enjoy your big day. Believe it or not!

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