Nintendo DSi Games for the Serious Gamer by Paul Hockney

The new Nintendo DSi, released earlier this month, contains two cameras, more creative ways to boost your brain power and enjoy your creative side.

There are several new games for the Nintendo DSi including the WarioWare?: Snapped! This allows gamers to use the built-in Nintendo DSi camera to put themselves in the center of outrageous, fast-paced mini games which challenges them to battle against the clock and receive a peek at Wario?s photo album.

Brain Age? Express: Math is a math focus game for the new Nintendo DSi for the popular Brain Age? series. Game players can enjoy a mixture of new and well-known training exercises and a new Themes mode allows the Nintendo DSi user to experiment with voice recordings and images in fun and unusual way.

The new Bird Beans? Nintendo DSi game uses an elastic tongue having players scramble to collect falling beans and naturally the harder a being is to catch the more points a player racks up.

Art Style?: AQUIA? is the latest in the eye-popping Art Style series for the new Nintendo DSi games. These puzzles are mesmerizing an underwater game which challenges a player to help a scuba diver reach the ocean floor by matching a series of colored blocks.

If you like card tricks than the Master of Illusion? Express: Funny Face is the game for you. This game has your Nintendo DSi as a prop in a card trick. You draw a face on the touch screen and then watch as the face tells the audience which playing card they chose. It's astounding!

Rhythm Haven? Nintendo DSi game has everyone tapping their fingers or in this case the stylus to original music in dozens of rhythm-based mini games. Some of these mini games involve flicking animals out of a garden, zapping spaceships and slapping a man's arm.

If you liked Snood, then you?re gonna love Snood 2: On Vacation? the Nintendo DSi game that turns the original fun puzzle around. There's always plenty of action in Snoodville and it won't stop because everything is twisted on its edge. You help the Snoods meet up with three of their own colors but that's not the end of it!

The Nintendo DSi Browser is not necessarily a game but it allows gamers to access the Web and is powered by Opera, the simple way to use web browser which is made specifically for the Nintendo DSi structure. Checking e-mail, get the latest news and weather reports and so much more right from your Nintendo DSi.

Nintendo DSi allows its gamers to create and share unique moments by using one of two cameras, one pointing away from the game or the other pointing towards the gamer allowing them to manipulate them with 10 built-in ?lenses? including Graffiti, Mischief and Distortion.

Once a person has purchased a Nintendo DSi game they can access the Nintendo DSi Store in order to download thousands of different Nintendo DSi games directly to their handheld gaming unit.

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