iPhone 6 /6plus:The best LCD smartphone display

As a smart phone of the most important part - the screen material selection higher and higher, we are very pleased to once again significantly improved through the Apple display their iPhone 6,6 plus. Although the screen size has been the most attention, there are Apple needs to address and improve many of the more important and challenging issues of display technology. They did it!

iPhone 6 plus: Based on our extensive laboratory testing and measurement, iPhone 6 Plus is the best performance we've tested smartphones LCD display. It provides a uniform display performance over the top. The iPhone 6 Plus is only the second smartphone display (LCD or OLED) ever get all the green (good to excellent) in all test and measurement category rating (except for changes in brightness and viewing angle, which is the case For all liquid crystal display) display technology since we started in 2006 gunfight series, an impressive achievement for a display.The iPhone 6 plus raised the threshold to the next level of performance of the top LCD panel up. See the main screen capture comparison table of all the measurements and details.

The iPhone 6 plus match or smartphone LCD performance breakthrough new record: the highest peak brightness, the screen is minimum reflection, the highest (real) contrast ratio, the highest level of ambient light contrast, the most accurate (pure Powers ) gamma intensity and scale, most accurate image contrast and viewing angle and minimal changes to brightness, contrast and color. Wherein, iPhone 6 plus monitor has done very well, but do not break the LCD performance records are: resolution (1920 × 1080 2560 × 1440 compared to), per inch of PPI (Producer Price Index 401 538 and PPI), absolute color Accuracy (3.1 JNCD and 2.1 JNCD) pixels.

iPhone 6 lcd: 6 in the iPhone screen has almost the same performance as the iPhone 6 plus, but it's only a 10,000 pixel display, more than all other major smart phone found in 2.1 to 3.7 megapixels significantly reduced. And its 326 ppi and 1334x750 resolution defining it as HD Retina display, there are other significant advantages over many of the limitations for settings through the normal 20/20 vision. This is possible when numbers from rescaling the original resolution image, they are viewed as particularly important to monitor as many pixels. The most important standard image looks significantly better than iPhone 6 plus 2.1 megapixels, compared to just 1.0 megapixels in the iPhone 6. Moreover, even in native display resolution, fine text and graphics, plus a good look at the iPhone 6, if you look carefully and closely screen (as you may want or need).

About iPhone display 6 is not - at least is still a very good display, but most buyers will be happy with its performance, but it is a bit disappointing, apples satisfactory, but not the most All right. Perhaps this is intentional product differentiation and iPhone 6 plus do, or to improve their profits. With the 1920 × 1080 display iPhone 6 will take the crown.

So overall, iphone screen display has been in the smartphone the best choice, and have some latest iphone replacement parts ,but the most important is to look at your final choice.