What to Know About Amp Citrate.

Amp Citrate refers to a compound with a similar structure for the outlawed DMAA factor that was used being a fat burner. For this reason amp citrate is sometimes called next DMAA. The substance is also called methylpentanamine or 1.3-dimethylbutylamine.

The substance might be chemically synthesized although there are actually claims that it is abundantly offered in Pouchong tea.

Both AMP citrate and DMAA share exactly the same basic structure but DMAA contains some additional carbon in their skeleton. That is why it is considered that both the substances are related. Amp Citrate is known to stimulate the nervous system hence it can be used to increase the vitality level in your body, increase focus and enhance metabolism.

Exactly why AMP citrate may lead to false drug test is that the variety of carbons it has is less in comparison to DMA though there are times when users have tested positive to the false drug test.

Adverse Reactions

The same as DMAA, AMP citrate has some negative side effects. When high doses are utilized, there may be:

Rapid heart beat


DMAA like crash

To date there are actually hardly any studies which were conducted on the ingredient because it is still new along with its efficacy and safety factors not known. For this reason our recommendation is that all users from the compound must exercise caution and must not consume a lot more than the recommended doses. Moreover, it is strongly recommended to not make use of the ingredient alongside alcohol, food or products containing other stimulants. Similarly, people on medication or those experiencing medical conditions should stay away from using the ingredient.

So far, there is no recommended dosage, if however you have to apply it, it is preferable which you use a dosage much like that from DMAA- about 10 to 60 mg.

AMP citrate works well in boosting workout energy if taken a couple of minutes just before the workout. Should you use it for losing weight, you need to accept it each day or a short while before meals.

Within the recent times, AMP citrate has been utilized in pre-workouts in addition to a fat burner. Very soon, the ingredient could be included in other products and used as a supplement.

The same as DMAA, preliminary results show that AMP citrate could be stacked with caffeine to boost energy. It may also be stacked with pre-workout ingredients like beta alanine, citrulline, alanine and weight loss ingredients including green tea leaf extract and L-carnitine.

Already, supplements containing this ingredient are now being marketed by major retail stores for example Amazon and GNC. They may be being included in weight loss and brain functioning products and the federal regulators are yet to take any meaningful action. It is only the U.S food and drug administration which includes warned how the ingredient should not be used because it carries numerous risks including seizures, cardiac event and neurological conditions.

A few scientists inside the Netherlands, and U . S . have tested products with this particular ingredient and get disclosed that this amount present in the majority of the products vary widely even though the dosage is not really disclosed about the labels. They already have further warned that the chemical will not be natural as it really has been claimed and that it may not safe for human use.

The Council for Responsible Nutrition has now sent letters to FDA seeking regulatory action yet it is yet to obtain an official response.FDA has said that it must be aware about the concerns and the close relationship that exists between DMAA and AMP Citrate and it is putting measures in place to make sure that the public remains safe and secure : click here