An Introduction to Sulfolane

Sulfolane is a colorless transparent liquid, is a good aprotic polarity solvent, miscible with water, acetone, toluene, it is also ideal for aromatics extraction process on the Petro-chemical solvents. Sulfolane is easy to break down at high temperatures.220 ℃, when the decomposition is slow, but more than 220 ° c when, as the temperature increases, sharp rise in its rate of decomposition, too high a temperature will promote sulfolane is decomposed into black polymers and sulfur dioxide, air time, due to air oxidation, sulphur dioxide emissions in the solvent system than when there is no air.
Sulfolane solvent polarity solvent strong, selective, most organic compounds, or mix with it. It Mainly used for extraction of aromatics extraction agent, polymer-solvent spinning or casting film, synthesis gas, natural gas and refinery gas purification and desulfurization of synthesis gas purification, and as a solvent for rubber, plastics and so on. In addition, can also be used as auxiliaries textile printing and dyeing industry, allows for clear and bright. Due to the high thermal stability, acid and alkali stability, is a good solvent. It can be used from the extraction of aromatic hydrocarbons aliphatic hydrocarbons, removing acid gases from the gas mixture. Sulfolane is used in polymers, such as pan, acrylonitrile copolymers, poly vinylidene fluoride and other solvents used for    
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