Realtor In Montgomery TX: Here’s Why You Need A Professional Realtor

Are you looking for a home in the Montgomery area?  If you are then you should consider working with a realtor in Montgomery TX.  So many buyers think they can go it alone and it doesn’t help that home-buying reality shows make it seem like the process is easy. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Buying a home (and selling one, too) is a complicated undertaking that can be full of pitfalls that can sink your dreams of owning a home pretty quickly.  That’s why getting the services of a professional realtor in Montgomery TX is so important.  A professional realtor can:

▸ Help explain financial requirements.   A professional realtor knows that you have to have all of your financial “ducks in a row” before you step foot inside a new home.   She knows how important it is to get a clear picture of your finances and how important it is to get pre-approved for a home mortgage.  Getting pre-approved will let you know the maximum amount of money you have to spend so that you don’t waste your time – and anyone else’s time – touring homes you can’t afford.

▸ Expand your home selection.   A professional realtor knows how to compile a list of potential homes for you based on your wants, needs and budget.  She also knows where you’re looking and can give you information on schools, shopping, restaurants and other things in your area that may influence your home choice.  In addition, she also has access to information that may not be public knowledge like homes that are for sale but aren’t listed online yet.

▸ Negotiate on your behalf.   Your realtor in Montgomery TX knows exactly how much you should pay for the home you want and she can negotiate with the seller on your behalf to get that price.  She knows that the condition of the home, the date you want to take possession and financing all play a role in getting the best price possible.

▸ Tell you about home inspections.   Your realtor can tell you which pre-purchase home inspections are required and which aren’t.  She can also provide you with a list of qualified home inspectors, pest inspectors and surveyors.  In addition, she can write a purchase agreement that lays out the amount of time in which these inspections must be done.

▸ Guide you through closing.   The process of closing on a home generally means signing an endless amount of documents that all make you feel as if you’re signing your life away.  Your professional realtor can explain all of the documents to you so that you know what you’re signing and why.  She can also tell you how much your closing costs will be before you sign your paperwork.

The importance of having a professional realtor in Montgomery TX at your side through the home-buying process can’t be overstated.  Having the peace of mind that comes with a knowledgeable realtor will make it that much easier.  When you’re ready to look for a home in Montgomery, call Shelly Shillings at (936) 755-4000 and visit to start your search online.

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