Bridesmaid Dresses for Four Season

Let's look at a few ideas on how you can choose the dresses to match the season. Hopefully you'll get some inspiration if you're a bride or bridesmaid:

Spring is a season full of hope and energy. Green must be the best color for bridesmaid dresses, because it has the magic to gladden the heart and refresh the mind. A flowing one-shoulder floor length dress or a cute top bubble skirt dress can both be fine bridesmaid dresses. And with a tender green ball-flower in hand, emerald brocade high-heels, you are sure to be the most lively bridesmaid. Other colors to consider are light yellows and pinks, but you'd better avoid heavy or dark colors.

Summer is a colorful season and it's full of fancy and joy. Bright colors will bring summer weddings a really fun feel and bridesmaids wearing these colors may help to share some attention in their bright colors. Blue is an all-purpose color and suitable for all seasons. But since it's a hot season, this color can bring refreshment. If you're lucky enough to be in a wedding by the sea, then there is no better choice than blue dresses. They will bring a strong nautical vibe to the wedding. And I think pink bridesmaid dresses will be another suitable summer color. This color along with decorations like a bow knot belt and flared skirt will make the bridesmaid much more adorable. And you can choose short dresses, since this color is prone to create a lovely and cute image which is better with a shorter, less formal dress.

Autumn is the season of harvest, so it's time to show the beauty of maturity. Brown, gold or burgundy bridesmaid dresses made of glossy fabric are perfect to echo those autumnal colors. High-waisted long dresses are a little more formal, but can greatly set off the elegance of females and are warmer too. Bridesmaids can carry bouquets accessorized with wheat sheaves, cornflowers and other fun harvest motifs as a really cute and fun touch.

Winter needn't be a subdued and miserable time. It's a beautiful time, full of blues, grays and silvers. Silver is a good option for this icy season. One idea would be sliver-gray bridesmaid dresses, fur chokers with drop shape earrings and fish mouth high-heels create a low-key, wintery magnificence.