So What is Inside It For ME PERSONALLY?

benefit-oriented rather than feature-oriented. Alternatively

of showing your potential prospects what your product

can do (functions), inform them what it can do for them

(benefits). Put simply, describe the item in terms

of the result it provides as opposed to the product it-self.

Make certain that the words you use on your Website are

benefit-oriented in place of feature-oriented. Instead

of showing your potential customers what your product

can do (features), inform them what it can do for them

(benefits). Quite simply, describe the product in terms

of the effect it offers rather than the product it self. This stylish the vinres web page has oodles of provocative aids for the reason for it.

Here is a easy means of writing benefits, which I purchased

very efficiently for myself and for customers.

When you write an advantage, you can test whether it's a

real benefit by imagining your audience asking the question,

'So what'? If it's a feature or even a poor advantage,

answering that question can provide a stronger benefit to you.

Here's an illustration... Suppose you are attempting to sell a digital

camera that's a resolution of 24 megapixels.

That is demonstrably an element, not a benefit, but you had

be amazed how many camera The websites advertise their

products that way.

Imagine a discussion between you and a customer who has

only actually used non-digital cameras within the past:

YOU: This camera features a solution of 2-4 mega-pixels.

CUSTOMER: So what?

YOU: Well, that's the highest resolution of any electronic

camera available today.

CUSTOMER: Yeah, but what exactly?

YOU: It indicates your images have very little

Lack of quality.

CUSTOMER: But what does that mean?

YOU: Your photos will soon be clear and as bright as if you

were using ordinary picture.

CUSTOMER: Ah, now I realize!

Is it possible to observe that means of asking the 'Just what exactly'?

question contributes to strong benefits? What we began with

(~~'~ 24 mega-pixels ~'~~) is vastly different in the effect

(~~'~ as bright and clear as common film ~'~~). Visit to discover the purpose of this concept.

Note that I framed the example in a particular way.

You're conversing with a person who had a history of using

traditional cameras, therefore the advantage was highly relevant to them.

If your customer was, say, an expert photographer,

You then may get an alternative benefit - e.g.

'This is the only camera solution that is accepted

by National Geographic.'

Here is a quick solution to obtain the 'What exactly'? Replies...

Start by listing all of the features of your product

or support. Yes, that is right - begin with the FEATURES,

That ought to be simple for you to do.

Then just take each feature consequently, ask the 'So what'?

Issue, find a suitable solution, and add it to the end

Of-the function with all the terms .'.. To ensure that.'

An illustration will help...

In the case above, the feature:

* It has a resolution of 2-4 megapixels


* It has an answer of 2-4 megapixels... Which means your

Images are as clear and bright as with your old camera.

OK, now it is your turn... Clicking in english maybe provides warnings you could use with your aunt.

Consider the products and services and ser-vices you're marketing

on your Web site. Have you been talking about benefits,

or only features?

Go through the process I've just described to (a)

Record your entire features, and (b) transform these

features in-to benefits..