Branded Watches For Women

Branded Watches For Women

Branded Watches For Women are named as such because not everybody can afford to own one. Most people think of them precisely as luxury—something expensive and one that they can do without. Now, we all played the "if" game, at one point or another. Granted that the usual "if" questions run along the lines of winning a million dollars in the jackpot or having the power to turn back time, we are pretty sure you know how it works. The question this time is—if you have the money, what brand of luxury watch will you get? Just to be clear, we would not exactly be naming brands here. Do not expect us to list down the top ten luxury brands you can choose from. What we have listed down are the things you should take into consideration once, or in this case if, you come up with the money to treat yourself to a luxury watch.

You may not think this is important and most people will agree with you. However, the size of the watch, particularly the watch case is one of the things watch connoisseurs consider when shopping for a luxury watch. The case size is measured by its width or diameter. Men's watches typically have case sizes between 35 and 40mm while women's range from 30 to 34mm. The thickness, on the other hand, is the width from the caseback to the top of the crystal. The average thickness is from 6 to 12mm.

Let's say you only have one shot at owning a luxury watch. It is important therefore to get something that perfectly suits your personal style. Are you the sporty and/or casual type? Or the professional sort? Are you the type who wear jeans or suits? Do you prefer leather strap or metal bracelet? What color do you like? The conventional black? The classic silver? The retro red? More and more brands are putting emphasis on the personal style of their targeted market by coming up with watches that greatly speak of individuality.

Timekeeping is a given but it does not mean that watches are solely made for this purpose. In fact, if you go to a local watch shop, it is rare to come across a watch that only tells the time. Watches nowadays can also tell the day and date, act as a timer, so on and so forth. What is your purpose of buying a watch? Are you going to use it for diving? Are you going to use it while flying? Or maybe what you have in mind is climbing a mountain? Many luxury brands have models for divers, aviators, and yes, even mountain climbing. Know your specific purpose and keep it in mind when purchasing a watch.

There are three well-known complications when it comes to watches: the perpetual calendar, the minute repeater, and the tourbillon. These complications enable the wearer to correctly tell the day and date including leap years, know the time through the unique sound created by the watch for every hour and every minute, and not worry about the negative effects of gravity in the watch movements, respectively. Also, watches have little extras which can considerably up their prices. Do you need these complications or extras? Weigh which ones will be useful to you.

No doubt, you have heard of the words limited edition. Watch collectors take pride in buying limited edition watches. They like the idea of the watch's exclusivity. Rarity also applies to brands which only produce less than five hundred watches per year. Of course, it follows that rare watches are more expensive compared to their regular counterparts. However, since we are talking about the things you should consider if you have the money to buy one, you may as well mull over the exclusivity of the luxury watch.