What does a construction recruitment agency offer?

When we talk about the various benefits and offers you can get with the help of different construction recruitment agencies, we need to say this first – you might not love the concept behind them but they will give you a much bigger chance of landing that perfect job you have been after for a while now. The recession of ’08 really changed how the job market works, especially in U.K. and even more in the construction industry. While there are some positive trends that are now happening in terms of the recession finally being over, there are also a lot more people competing on that job market in construction so the competition is very fierce.

That is where construction recruitment agencies come into play. Their main goal and purpose is to successfully mediate between the companies and agencies looking for people who can fill up their empty job vacancies. At the first glance this concept might sound too simple to be true as there is not real “work” provided by those agencies, but don’t for a second think this is true. The job of a construction recruitment agency is a very complex one and in order to be good at it they need to have a lot of resources. First off they need to have a lot of CV’s of people who might be ideal for the job posting and they need to have a lot of experts who are experienced in reading CV’s and matching those CV’s to the job openings. Plus this work needs to be completed really fast as most companies don’t usually just use one construction recruitment agency to advertise their job at.

Finally most of these construction recruitment agencies don’t even take any fees from people who have successfully used their services and go the job with their help. They usually don’t have membership or percentage fees and they operate 100% free of charge. But that is more on agency to agency bases so make sure to double check that with the agency you are considering of using as that might not be the case with that particular one.

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