Some interesting habits of German

Some interesting habits of German

German left the impression to the world is serious, rigorous, serious, and even some arrogance and xenophobia. As a country of eighty million people, and it is receiving an increasing number of new immigrants, in fact,air max a few words can not really generalize. As a traveler, you should respect local customs and every life personality, Establish a more three-dimensional image of German observation and communication.

Germany's economy strong, built on the efforts of the German people in work, diligence and rigorous practical style. And after work, most of the German people return to traditional family life, Leisure time or busy at home in a variety of manual labor, Or go out with friends for outdoor activities, will have a holiday for some time every year, went to a favorite vacation.

Many Germans are love outdoor sports,air max schweiz From the most popular hiking, to mountain biking,To paragliding extreme sports, There are many family-owned yacht, the peak season, mountain lake, a bustling. In winter, a variety of snow sports, such as skiing, sledding, etc. are also very popular, People wearing sports equipment crowded train and cable car up the mountain. And throughout the spa, regardless of the season is the best way to recuperate. Of course, because of bad weather in Germany, Once, when the weather is nice, lying on the grass in the sun, but also a great hobby Germans.

German in everyday life, is certainly a more defensive various rules. It also makes Germany as an orderly and relatively stable countries. A few German, but also particularly concerned about whether others behave,air max 90 If you have German pointed out to you in inappropriate behavior, as long as reasonable, accept comments.

In the German exchanges, usually between friends to shake hands or say goodbye, Only very close friends job veneer ceremony. When shaking hands, we should sincerely watching each other's eyes, A firm handshake concise and attach a greeting or farewell statement. Nice to meet you, then, it should be reported to his name again greetings. And German can chat brighter future, but be careful not relate to the other side of privacy, such as age, marital status, income and other sensitive issues, Unless the other party take the initiative to mention, or must not take the initiative to ask.