Effectiveness in using Contraceptives are higher

Effectiveness in using Contraceptives are higher

Quick birth control measures are of high importance especially when the women's health is involved. Pregnancy can be a sweet term but in case of unwanted and early exit, the user is required to make sure the intake of contraceptives are done on an immediate basis. Contraceptives are exclusive medications that are aimed at ending the potential risk involved in an unwanted pregnancy.

What is a birth control pill:

Birth Control Pills (BCP) are exclusive pregnancy preventing methods. They are oral artificial form of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is a type of ethinyl estradiol while progesterone is a type among the 8 kinds of progestin.

What does the pill do:

The birth control pill helps by preventing the process of ovulation. The ovulation process prevention is done by causing more maintenance of the consistency levels in hormones in the user's body. With a steady estrogen followed throughout the month period, there is no causing of signals for releasing of eggs to the ovary. The progesterone causes thickening of the cervical mucus which causes the sperm to not reach the egg and the further process causes lining of the uterus that causes unreceptive actions to the implanting of the fertilized egg.

Advantage in using Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are safe and involve exclusive effects to cut the risk of being pregnant in any case. With timely use of the product, one can easily end the risk of suffering from unwanted pregnancy. With a good successful completion ratio, Birth Control Pills are more convenient and opted by women around the globe to cut the pregnancy effects. The advantage of the Birth Control Pills is that they help in aiding the menstrual problems, pelvic cramping issues and pain and irregular cycles. The pills are also said to be helpful in reducing the ovarian cysts risks and also provide quality protection from the ovarian and uterine cancer.

The common type of BCP (Birth Control Pills)

1) Progestin pills: These are the pills that contain no estrogen and are known as the Progestin Only Pill or at times as the Mini Pill. The pills are said to be not so ideal for the types of women who are into breastfeeding sessions. It works by causing thickening of the cervical mucus and prevention of the sperms from entering one's uterus. It is guided for consumption during a specific time and every 24 hours.

2) Combination ones: These pills are referred as oral form of contraceptives and contain the artificial progestin and estrogen. Every pill contains the combination property of these 2 (two) hormones. The Monophasic pills are those which come in 28 pack schedule and are designed to be consumed in continuous form with no gap / break during the consumption between the pill packets. This has to be followed until there is negative result period. The medicine is to be consumed as the properties involve combination of the synthetic hormones and contain progestin and estrogen in the active pills and the rest of the pills are placebos that involve no properties of hormones. The pills are made for reducing the side-effects.


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