Pediatric Dentistry And Its Scope

Proper dental care is important for people of all ages. Just because babies and young children have less teeth doesnt mean that they dont need to practice good oral hygiene. In fact, healthy oral care habits should start at a young age. This is the reason why there is a specialized division of dentistry called pediatric dentistry.

Pediatric dentistry is a subdivision of general dentistry dealing dental care and treatment for babies and young children. This field aims to provide children with specialized, more sensitive dental care. Young children have sensitive gums, softer teeth, and lower endurance for pain, thus the need for sensitive dental treatment. Young children are also more prone to cavities and dental caries that are associated with their fondness for foods rich in sugar and starch.

Colorado Springs, a city known for its natural abundance in minerals like fluoride, has lots of dental clinics specializing in pediatric dentistry. Fluoride is a mineral effective at protecting teeth from cavities. However, excessive fluoride exposure can have negative effects on the primary or milk teeth. This gives pediatric dentists a big role in the communities of Colorado Springs.

A Colorado Springs family dentist is responsible for patients aging between 6 months and 12 years. This is the stage when primary teeth and permanent teeth start growing out of the childs gums. These teeth must be checked by a pediatric dentist regularly, to keep them healthy as years go by.

It is important for a childs teeth to be cleaned twice or thrice a day, to avoid bacteria buildup that can cause cavities. They must be brought to a Colorado Springs dentist for regular dental checkups and treatment of dental problems. It is also important for parents to take the child to the pediatric dentist once the child turns a year old, to obtain knowledge in proper care for primary teeth.

There are lots of procedures that a child must undergo with as soon as his or her teeth begin to erupt. Some of these procedures include application of dental sealant, fluoride treatment, dental flossing and mouth washing. All these are offered by a Colorado Springs dentist.