Efficacies of e-juice and e-liquid

Today many people die just because of cancer. There are many researches done on smoking and the end result of all these researches are that smoking is a harmful habit. To counter this habit there are many products and medicines introduced by which a person quit smoking; however these products and medicines remained unsuccessful.In the year 2007 China invented electronic cigarette which uses atomizer to burn the fuel and the fuel consists of the composition of PG,VG,Nicotine and other flavoring substance.

We have already discussed the composition of E-cigarette and apart from propylene glycol,vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavor it does not contain any tobacco leaves which will affect the health menthol flavor. From all the studies and research programs we can conclude that e-cigarette do not have adverse effect on health of man.There are many companies in United Kingdom which provide and manufacture E-juice to the consumers e-cigarette juice. E-juice comes in many flavors such as menthol,cherry, water melon,coconut, orange, vanilla, apple and classic tobacco as well. Electronic cigarette market is on verge of creating success with all the age group comprising adults and youngsters.

A person tend to spend money on a pack of cigarette in a day can cut down his expenses by using electronic cigarette. You can also find the cheap E-juice and refills from the market. It is the great invention to help people in quitting traditional cigarette.

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