Finding The Right Local Dentist For You

Before you can find a dentist in Northfield you need to know a little about the various fields and specialties in the dental profession. The more you know about the differences the easier it will be to find the right dentist in your area.

Rarely would an individual start looking for a specialist dentist, in the majority of cases the search begins with a general or family dentist. This dentist can diagnose and treat a variety of issues with both teeth and gums. It is normal for your general dentist to make the referral to a specialist dental practitioner. These dentists will be designated as either a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD).

General and family dentists work closely with assistants as well as hygienists. A dental hygienist not only cleans patients teeth professionally, removing the built up tartar and plaque but also acts as a second pair of eyes, pointing out any potential problem to the dentist. A dental assistant on the other hand is someone who assists the dentist during a typical procedure; this individual can set up anesthesia, take and develop X-Rays and other tasks, all of which are done under the watchful eye of the dentist.

A few things to take into account when choosing a dentist:

* It is important for you to find out the training and clinical experience that the dentist has had and how long the dentist has been practicing. Find out if the dentist you are considering performs the procedures that you are considering. When you try to find a dentist in Northfield you may find that not all of them undertake cosmetic procedures for example and if this is something you are considering then this is not the dentist for you.

* Find out what professional groups the dentist is a member of and participates in. Some of these groups require that the member dentists take continuing education to stay up to date on technology and procedures.

* Find out if the dentist provides an emergency service; is the dentist available on call after hours and on weekends?

* Find out whether the dentist offers certain comforts such as a sedative such as nitrous oxide

* If you are looking expressly for a cosmetic dentist then ask to see photos of previous patients both before treatment and after. If you have seen a photo of what you are looking for in the way of results, bring it along.

When you find a dentist in Northfield that suits you and your familys needs you can rest assured that your dental care is in good hands.

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