Brick automatic packing equipment trends

With all the improvement trend from the market place economy, in big brick is facing artificial tough to please, labor fees along with other factors, brick package could be the inevitable item of industry improvement, but hand-packed brick face every day output of 25 million or far more far can not meet the packing efficiency, you can only decide on semi-automatic packaging gear. The typical cost of a semi-automatic device market of about one hundred million, or up-front investment costs are relatively higher, many customers reflect import brick nose higher price of maintenance and components, and maintenance is very complicated, after failure will impact to production.(tape dispenser)


Hunan analysis and style on the packaging with an electric tool to ban automated handpiece is usually a new way to not simply solve the issue of automatic packing cost brick can automatically packaged. New Components Co., Ltd. Hunan Ningxiang a each day output of 30 million, the selection of cooperation and self-reliance, two months to complete the installation and commissioning, in actual use among customers reflect not simply packing efficiency to meet the requirements and no increase in labor fees, in Repairs aspects with the issue will not affect the production packer.

Self is usually a corporation with 15 years of R & D and design packaging and strapping tape production of the enterprise. Packaging equipment only for its brick brick clients to save more than 30 million of your cost, but also solve the problem of after-sales service as well as other elements.


The new equipment will always give application industry to bring new meteorological and development and look forward to bring the relevant enterprises can automatically packaged bricks future more and better gear, automation, the liberation of all mankind.