Fantastic Bridesmaid Story

A beautiful summer is around the corner and very soon another wedding season is about to begin. One of my college friends - Kaydee is getting married in August and she asked me to be her bridesmaid, which is the first time I’ ve been asked. In my home country, we don’t really do that, actually we have something similar for the pre-wedding ceremony, and all bridesmaids will wear red bridesmaid dresses (yep, only red – non-negotiable). 

After she told me that news to me on the phone, honestly most of the things she said later came from one of my  ears and went to the other as I  was busy imagining myself on her most important day. The first question came up to me was “OMG, what I am gonna wear? What I need to do on the day? What I should give her?”

Last weekend, Kaydee and 5 of us were having a “lunch meeting” to talk about the wedding ideas. We don’t really like blue or purple which to me seem abit “old fashion”. What we think about is something for the feminine and cute ladies, who never want to give up their dreamy mood and get their feet on Earth. We know for spring/summer 2015 there is a move toward the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum like pastel colors: strawberry ice, marsala (a different shade of red), tangarine, toasted almond or grey. We don’t mean to go after the fashion industry but those are really pretty, aren’t they? Kaydee found an online store named (yeah, they do ship over the world) with a new summer bridesmaid dresses collection focusing on pink and red colors. 

There is also a small concern as me being an Asian, I never was able to find something in lady section that fits my size but fortunately they will also custom the dress to fit me. Pink are sweet but classic red shade with all of its variations is the following noteworthy option. Is there anything more passionate, full of energy than beautiful ladies in red bridesmaid dresses? Also, with red, it will be pretty easy pick your make up and flowers theme.

Shoes: Surprisingly non of us are really into high-heels, so we agree that we will go for flats or something not so high so it will be easier for us to move around on the wedding day. Steve Maden has nice patern shoes that I have been purchasing forever.  

Jewelry to accent the bridesmaid dress: We all like the idea of having headbands or pins, like pearl or stone. I saw some of them at Kohl’s look pretty cute and not so pricy.

Flower theme: Kaydee and Jack (her fiance) had their own story with Lilac, so they already decided to go with that kind of boutique.