A Handmade Desk Organizer made from Recycled Materials

An Earth day activities for kids

This beautiful handmade Desk Organizer is one of the many ways to recycle materials found around the house. It is also a great earth day activity for kids, parents, and or teacher to do together.

The process is easy and cheap. We use toilet paper every day, and receive magazines and flyers in the mail daily. Below is a simple step-by-step instruction on how to make this one of a kind Desk Organizer.

Recycle materials you will need

Three Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

An empty Cheese Box

News Paper or Magazine

Other tools for the recycling project

A Dish that is about 1' wider than the cheese box

A Blow Dryer

A Pair of Scissors

Paper Glue

Step-by-step instruction on this recycling idea

1. Press one end of the Toilet Paper roll together and cut it in a Triangle. After Cutting the Toilet Paper plastic recycling process Rolls, it should look like this.

2. Glue one end of the News Paper or page from the Magazine to the Toilet Paper Roll. Wrap the paper around the roll, glue together and cut the extra paper. Dry with the blow dryer.

3. Put the dish on the paper and draw a circle on the sheet of paper. Cut out the circle with the pair of scissors. "This is to wrap the cheese box, which will form the base." Then place the cheese box in the center of the circle and draw a smaller circle around the cheese box. With the pair of scissors, cut the paper until it reaches the smaller circle on the paper (cut all around)

4. Put glue on the bottom, circumference and inside of the cheese box. Wrap the paper around the cheese box and dry with the blow dryer.