How To Stop Premature Ejaculation Problem Naturally?

Premature ejaculation is something that happens without any control immediately after sexual penetration or even before the penetration as well. Generally, this happens before the man actually wishes with minimal sexual stimulation. This will result in unsatisfactory lovemaking experience for both partners. This in turn can increase anxiety, resulting in many other issues as well. Reports state that this is the most common forms of sexual dysfunction in men and it is further added that it affects a man at least once in his lifetime.

What are the causes?

In most of the cases, there will not be any clear cause behind the issue. With age and sexual experience, men generally learn how to delay the ejaculation. This might happen in the case of a newly married man or when there was a long gap after the previous lovemaking episode. In addition, psychological factors like depression, guilt and anxiety can also lead to this issue in men. Apart from this, some medical conditions like injury to genital passage, hormonal changes and side effects of some medications can also lead to this issue.

Symptoms to watch out:

The most common symptom is the ejaculation itself when it happens shortly after the beginning of lovemaking or even before it. When it happens with less sexual stimulation and before the individual actually wishes, it is also a symptom of premature ejaculation.


When it happens rarely there is not issue, but when a man experiences premature ejaculation during every lovemaking episode, it becomes important to stop premature ejaculation problem. The reason is that it can lead to both physical and psychological health issues in men. Psychological health issues include guilt of inability to satisfy the partner, which in turn creates stress. When stress builds up, it will further worsen the issue. Physical effects include general weakness, impotence and increased chances of infertility. To get the best treatment to this issue, without seeking the help of a doctor, men can rely on the herbal remedy called as Lawax capsules. The powerful ingredients present in these capsules will cure the underlying issues if any, thereby providing the right kind of cure.

Ingredients in Lawax capsules:

1. Akakara is an ingredient present in this capsule and it can stop premature ejaculation problem by acting as the nervine tonic. So, if nervous weakness is the reason behind premature ejaculation, it will be rightly cured by this effective ingredient. As the blood vessels and nerves become stronger, men can achieve longer erection, which in turn will bring them utmost satisfaction during lovemaking.

2. Vidarikand is another ingredient that is known for its rejuvenating feature. It can bring about an overall rejuvenation to the body, thereby making men stronger in every aspect, inclusive of reproductive health.

There are many other ingredients to stop premature ejaculation problem in these capsules and apart from these capsules men are recommended to take Vital M-40 capsules as well. These capsules can improve strength and stamina in men with its effective herbal ingredients.


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