DMOZ - The Initial and Last Step towards Internet site Submission


What's DMOZ or OPD

The DMOZ (Directory Mozilla) or Open Directory Project (ODP) may be the most complete human edited directory of the Web which will be compiled by a massive global community of volunteer editors. Majority of search engines including AOL Search, Netscape Search, Google, Lycos, DirectHit, and countless the others obtain knowledge from OPD. Therefore if your site is listed on OPD it becomes automatically listed on majority of search-engines. There is no need to submit your site to any se manually, or to utilize high priced site submission software or services. For Web Site advertising and marketing all you have to is to submit your site to OPD and just relax. Dig up further on a related paper by clicking Sammer Facility Management GmbH - exuberantranch6. Your site will be automatically found by search engines.