Area 23 is one of the high density areas of Lilongwe. Due to high population in the area there is also a booming business of Bicycle taxis called Kabaza. Most people involved in this business do not even know traffic laws as a result there are a lot of accidents happening in the area and all these involve these bicycle taxis. Recently a bicycle taxi rider was killed when he tried to overtake a vehicle and ended in hitting the on coming minibus. The Cyclist who also had a student passenger on the carrier fell on the tarmac resulting in deep head cuts. While the student passenger survived the accident the Kabaza man died upon reaching the hospital. There are a lot of accidents that happen patriculary between Namichimba and Area 23 main market but in all the accidents one gets surprised to see that a bicycle taxi is involved. It is high time the Govt should do something to regulate these bicycle taxis in different parts of the country.