How a classic wedding event is carried out in Sri Lanka

According to the Buddhist beliefs and practices, sri Lankans are generally Buddhists, so you will obviously expect a wedding to be conducted. This may not be strictly the way it is just like modernity, the ways wedding parties are performed have modified. This is certainly nevertheless not the case with a conventional Buddhist wedding party.

Everything starts if the mothers and fathers from the man come up with a proposition to the mother and father of girl which he wants to get married to. They may use an intermediary referred to as the magul kapuwa. This may be a comic character, contained in this sort of occasions


For that proposition to discover the light of the day, the suitor along with the girl of his fancy needs to be well suited. Horoscope in the event the horoscope falls flat to match, then a wedding proposal will not be arranged; it aborts. Once they are deemed compatible, particulars on the amount of the dowry and whenever it will probably be paid for are deliberated. This all time, the mother and father of each side have not met and it also only following particulars on the dowry are settled on that this mothers and fathers of the suitor visit the girl’s parents the first time ever since the negotiations began.

Change of jewelry

The swap of jewelry between your suitor with his fantastic new bride-to-be occurs after having a day time is agreed upon. Most of the items adhere to are based on the alignment of stars. They guide among other things as soon as the agreement for the D-working day, planning for the wonderful meat on the reception for people who will attend the marriage ceremony.

The wedding
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Wedding parties acquire distinct views in Sri Lanka. For any more affluent loved ones, it will likely be labeled by a gorgeous wedding service getting executed in a posh accommodation. Older behavior perish hard because the old age practice of the conventional wedding ceremony consists of tossing confetti at the sparkly limousine with the old shoe trailing it!

How the wedding service location appears like

The place of the marriage ceremony is marked by usage of marquees made from corrugated steel, adorned with bunting. Bunting describes stitched textile which can be light in weight. In the erected structure is really a aspect referred to as poruwa, which usually appears to be a pulpit. It is designed in this kind of approach to display the imaginative expertise in the Sri Lankan craft smiths.

The meal

Foods are important in virtually any event, no less the wedding party among the Sri Lankans. You will certainly be served with unsweetened rice pudding called kiribath, coconuts, heaves of betel, fried mushrooms called kevum. The latter fresh mushrooms are manufactured from rice and treacle. You will find important folks in the event that generally known as either the washerman or washerwoman, who definitely are given most these food products and things as a method of saying thanks to them.

The coming in the bridegroom

The arrival of the bridegroom is marked by dancing and beating of drums. It will be the obligation of your buddy to the bride-to-be to clean the feet of his long term brother-in-law. In return, the bridegroom fingers the brother to his new bride a diamond ring, which happens to be dipped inside a basin water. The bride-to-be arrivals adhere to thereafter, in design.