School Violence Put Into Perspective

Financial markets around the world recoiled this week at the spectacle of Libya's bloodbath, but it was not out of empathy or compassion. It has many parents questioning the safety of their children during the time they spend in class. Meanwhile, oil prices climbed levels not seen since mid-2008, and investors piled into currencies perceived as safe havens, including the U.

References:. However, Indian and Hollywood movies show considerable violence. The concept of the show is right because our world is no paradise in fact it is full of treacherous beings. Those companies were presumably too busy evacuating their personnel from Libya this week to reflect on their past business judgment.

It is important for the society to understand the fact that the creators have specially designed this blood and violence filled series to awaken to the ills prevalent all around it. Social stability, paradoxically, comes from democracy, which gives people a way to peacefully change a society without tearing it apart. , "The effectiveness of universal school-based programs for the prevention of violent and aggressive behavior. 10, 2007, vol.