Nail Salons and Polish: Not So Squeaky Clean

Nail Salons and Polish: Not So Squeaky Clean

They seem so ordinary. Only small glass bottles filled up with brightly colored fluid. But nail polish may possibly contain dangerous ingredients, such as for instance formaldehyde, or hide microorganisms, viruses and fungi. Buyer beware!

The dangers of nail polish, nevertheless, are only half the story. One other half is the nail salon. How clear is it, really? How well does it protect you from disease?

Several nail salons are not what they seem to be. Visit where to buy glass nail files to read why to mull over it. Despite advanced interiors and cheerful specialists, proper hygiene techniques were not followed by many places.

BTG Cosmetics Inc., company of the Toma brand of nail polish known for its formaldehyde-free method, has established a new principle in nail care: a, never-used personal-size bottle of polish that after their service is complete consumers reach take home using them. BTG Cosmetics suggests that you ask these questions before you sit down for the next manicure or pedicure:

* Is anything up to speed? Be certain that the experts are precisely qualified and that your salon is operating under existing licenses. Such documents must certanly be shown.