Step-up to Special, Healthy Legs

Step-up to Special, Healthy Legs

Are you one of the numerous American women who hate their feet - feet that are dry, broke and hidden from view?

If you have tried numerous creams, drugs or pumice stones with little or no reduction, or can't afford weekly club pedicure treatments, don't stress. Relief for your time-worn, cracked tootsies is in view, right in the comfort of one's home.

Dr. Jeffrey Most readily useful, a Norwalk, Conn., podiatrist, said that 25-percent of his patients complain about their calluses, calluses and dryness. Ugly feet may be one reasons why pedicures are becoming one of the very most popular spa solutions, adding to the growing $11 million spa industry. And today's pedicures are no longer just about very toenails. Dry, damaged and sometimes painful feet and heels not just detract from the foot's appear-ance, but may also lead to attacks.

To attain a healthy and safe house pedicure, use podiatrist-approved methods. Should people need to get further on best foot pedicure, we recommend lots of libraries people might investigate. Most readily useful recommends using the Artemis Woman Heel Smoother, a brand new pedicure machine devised by women that easily and correctly removes dry, broke, calloused skin.

The Heel Smoother is definitely an affordable, battery-operated, hand-held product having a diamond crystal buffing tip that actually leaves ugly skin in a cloud of dust, altering your feet. After one use, feet will feel softer and look healthier. Most significantly, legs will be attractive in shoes.

A property pedicure is as simple as lighting candles, closing the bath-room door and getting back in the feeling. Ready for a home club pedicure knowledge? Here's how exactly to get it done right:

* Soak your feet in a hot bubble bath to soften dry, stubborn calluses. Follow by drying completely using a soft towel.

* To exfoliate, only turn the Heel Smoother over the foot in a circular motion, ensuring not to hold it in one location for over two seconds.

* Work with a brand-new, top quality emery board to shape and fan the nails.

* Moisturize and protect skin by using cream or Topaz Foot Butter. For greatly cracked heels or difficult calluses, use base but-ter again before bed time. Use clothes to sleep to keep heels comfortable and moist.

* Now polish nails. Just lovely!.