Styles of jade pendant from China crafts suppliers

Although there are various jade pendant styles, basically it can be divided into three series, namely plain body ornaments, mosaic ornaments, combination pendant from China crafts suppliers. Today, we can have a look at its details about its interesting categories.


Pure jade pendant

Pure body jade pendant jade pendant refers to no dressing to the material kind of water, various colors, and composition and work known, can be worn but also to play. In general, kind of water is good, good color, good carving, no crack rotten and flaws, is the high-end accessories.

Inlaid jade pendant

It is just not like go to the market and buy salable and personalized keychain and used it for daily life. Actually, high profile pendant inlaid pendant, platinum or gold can be used for packaging of mosaics, ornaments easily damaged protection, bring color and composition, making it more attractive precious value rises.

Composite class jade pendant

A combination of two pendant combination of two or more matching pendant can be worn, it can be linked to, can be opened, can be combined in the production process and technical skills known, without demanding excellent material. As the old jade ornaments in the collapse, to many pieces together in order to become waistband.


We girls love these kinds of jade pendent than boys. I’m a special girl as I like to collect customized commemorative coins in China for me instead of buying this jade pendent.