CSR as an Aid for Improved Rural Health in Odisha

CSR as an Aid for Improved Rural Health in Odisha

Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR became so much popular worldwide in last few years. This noble idea of philanthropy really made significant changes in different social and economical circumstances. Mostly Odisha like a developing and poverty edged state is requiring extensive support to strengthen its rural economy. The industries operating in the state are also really interested in infrastructure development of the nation though CSR schemes. Education, employment, and rural health in Odisha are the prime issues that can be resolved with these resources.

Current Scenario of Rural Health and CSR in Odisha:

The industrialization in Odisha has provided multidimensional growth potential to the economy of the state. In fact, the companies are looking further to support the development process. Through partnering with different civil societies, NGOs, and government departments, they are bringing good changes.

The unprivileged and deprived communities are being focused with the CSR initiatives. The programs on rural health in Odisha are functioning towards solving the base problems associated with malnutrition, infant and maternal mortality cases, and so on. The rural health and CSR in Odisha programs really made substantial efforts to make healthcare services accessible by all.

The campaigns are working to improve the living standard of the people living in villages and tribal communities. The ultimate goal of these events is to being a significant and positive change in the current socio economic status through improving living standards of rural people in Odisha. These communal efforts will definitely bring the success in a little while.