ZTE Avid 4G is a small smartphone made by ZTE

The ZTE Avid 4G is a simple phone that takes a plebeian route as far as design is concerned. It is a black slab with a minimalist look that's a bit on the dull side.

The Avid's color palette is limited to black and chrome. The face is reflective black glass, and the back is matte black plastic. The two are separated by a silvery band that encircles the edges. It is conservative, no doubt, and sticks to the basics of device design. I like that the raised surface on the back that houses the camera is chrome-colored. It breaks up what would otherwise be a boring black back surface.The materials are decent. The glass has a good feel under the thumb, and the soft-touch material of the battery cover feels nice. The manufacturing is good, but could be better. Some of the seams aren't even, but overall it feels tightly put together. It definitely comes off as dense.

Thanks to the small size, the Avid is comfortable to hold and use.meizu m2 note I had no trouble wrapping my hand around it and gripping it tightly. The sides of the Avid curve gently into the back surface, which really helps it sit well in the palm. Though the matte back cover has some grip to it, the Avid will still slip easily into any pocket without trouble.