Body Scrubs 101

Body Scrubs 101

The use of body scrubs goes back thousands of years to a time when women(and men) in Europe, Egypt and Asia would get together for their weekly baths to relax, socialize and of course beautify themselves with a luxurious exfoliating scrub.

Today, using a body scrub is just as integral to a good beauty routine. Not only is it a pampering ritual you can enjoy weekly or bi-weekly, but it is actually good for your skin, resulting in a healthier complexion and polished glow! If that’s not enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons to make this part of your beauty regime:

 Removes dead skin cells and dirt from the top layer of your skin

 Maintains your skin’s luster and shine as you age

 Promotes a youthful appearance

 Leaves your skin soft and supple

 Refreshes and rejuvenates your skin

 Helps to restore your skin after sun exposure

 Encourages cell renewal, eliminates excess fluids

Nature’s Glow Hamamelis/Witch Hazel Body Scrub contains microgranules of apricot stone for gentle, natural exfoliation. It has been formulated to include witch hazel, one of nature’s best kept secrets for calming the skin while hydrating and moisturizing for a velvety soft finish.

Ready to start? All you have to do is wet your skin following with an application of Nature’s Glow Hamamelis/Witch Hazel Body Scrub using your hands, a bath mitt or bath gloves. For a spa-inspired experience, start at your feet and massage the scrub in a circular motion up your legs and torso. For your arms, begin at your fingertips and massage upwards.

Once per week or every two weeks should do it. If you have sensitive skin, you can still enjoy the benefits of exfoliating by using a lighter touch and extending the time between applications. The calming effects of the witch hazel in our Hamamelis/Witch Hazel Body Scrub is an excellent choice for sensitive skin users and anyone looking for a scrub with extra skin-nourishing ingredients.

Irresistible skin is just a female wash body scrub away! Enjoy.